About Team NEO

SEO, Custom Websites & More.

We started with a great idea and tons of enthusiasm.

Whether your looking for SEO or an optimized custom website for your business in the Birmingham, AL area you need to look no further than with Team NEO. In this day and age there are TOO many search engine optimization firms that claim they have an insider source to how it works and can make your website appear on the first page of Google in no time. In today’s market it seems like SEO firms are a dime a dozen and you would be correct to make that assessment. Search engine optimization is a popular topic with internet marketing in today’s online business world. When any product becomes as mainstream and as important as SEO has in this day and age you begin to see a large influx of “experts” crawl out of the woodwork’s claiming they have the know how.

If you’ve done your research you know there are several different ways of doing SEO. These forms are most commonly known as White Hat, Grey Hat & Black Hat SEO tactics. At Team NEO we only produce and perform white hat SEO services. We strictly follow Google’s webmaster guidelines with SEO and do not perform Grey Hat or Black Hat SEO tactics at all. All of our most basic SEO packages include organic article writing, publishing and distribution as well as continual improvement in your website by adding new content as well as refreshing your old content and much more.

Only The Best Birmingham SEO

We’ve worked with many clients across the United States including Houston plumbers, Birmingham plumbers, consultation firms, construction, dentists, lawyers and much more. If you’re in the Birmingham, AL metropolitan area or anywhere for that matter and you’re looking for a custom website, search engine optimization, social networking, online marketing or even Local SEO we will happily schedule a consultation with you at your convenience. ¬†Just give us a call at (205) 419 – 5850 to set up an appointment.