Is SEO Important

Is SEO important?

Is search engine optimization (SEO) really that helpful to a business? That’s the million dollar question that many business owners ask themselves. Over the years I have spoken with thousands of business owners about search engine optimization. The majority of them were unwilling to pay the monthly costs of SEO.  Let’s be honest about one thing, search engine optimization isn’t beneficial for all businesses.

However, for the majority of businesses whose services and sales cover a larger geographic area,   a heavily populated area, or where the business owner has competition SEO can be extremely useful in increasing your monthly revenue.

The internet has changed the means of marketing services and products drastically. Relying upon word-of-mouth advertising is no longer sufficient. Have you noticed how much smaller phone books have become? Most traditional marketing methods are obsolete. Doing business and successfully marketing your business has become more time consuming than ever before. Yes, you’ve heard this many times before from salesmen calling your business line daily. They promote why you must do SEO, online marketing, online advertising, ad words, website design and more. You may ask, why?

Most business owners that reject online marketing almost always say the same thing. I don’t need this. I get my business from word of mouth. News flash, online marketing, search engine optimization, search engine marketing (SEM) and social networking are technically all different forms of word of mouth marketing. Utilizing these marketing tools not only increases your brand exposure but if done correctly it will increase your income as well!

The time you spend marketing your business often leaves you with little time to manage your business or provide services and sales. The fact is, very few people use the phone book to look for products or services. With the advances in technology we are able to search for services and products from the very palm of our hands via the internet.

Using a cell phone, laptop or a pad to surf the net, potential customers finds a reputable business in minutes that offer what they need. In the past when shopping for a new TV for example, you would go to your local electronics store and suffer a salesman influencing your purchase. There wasn’t any way of knowing if a specific model had numerous consumer complaints or if a particular model was more reliable and longer lasting. Today, you can find all of that information in minutes using the internet. Rather than shop several stores as in the past, you can determine your choice of purchase online and determine who has the product and at what price in minutes.

Most people today do all this online, and that is why your products and services should be marketed online with SEO. The majority of people are using the web when their researching a company, service provider or product. If you have a business that provides a unique product or service then you very well may not need search engine optimization. However, if your business is competing with other businesses you do need SEO to come out ahead.

Let’s say for example, someone is searching for a local plumber they have used before. They will search for that company and their phone number. However, if a potential customer is simply looking for any plumber to come out and repair their problem they will use generic keywords like plumbers in Birmingham to search the net. There are over 200 Birmingham plumbing companies that are vying for the top spots in Google’s search results. Those companies that are at the top are paying someone to make sure they get to the top and stay at the top. According to Google, the leading authority, the average person does not go beyond page one in search results when they are searching for a product or service. That means if you are not in the top ten for that keyword you will not be getting that phone call. The goal of SEO is to get you in the position of receiving the calls of the 60% who purchase a product or hire a service through the internet.

If you feel your business fits into this spectrum you have the explanation as to why SEO is important for your business. What you have to ask yourself next is do you want to expand your brand influence and increase revenue? If so, give me a call at (205) 419-5850 and I will be more than happy to analyze your business and see how I can help expand your business for you.


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